Ross O'Ciarmhaic

As an aspiring composer with a love for musical storytelling and innovation, I have always been drawn to the creative adventures found in the forging of a harmonious invention. I find it fascinating - how just a sound, however big or small - can be plucked out of the realm of inspiration, and bring to life the construction of a brand new world; full of meaning, colour, soul, emotion - all the things we as human beings look for in our daily lives.

New Music.

Playlist Release - Candela Obscura

To enhance your journey through the macabre, I present a collection of songs, and ambiences, composed for the tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) world of Candela Obscura by Darrington Press. This curated collection of songs has been published to accompany your Circle’s missions, battles, and moments of mysterious macabre.

In a world where the flicker of a candle is a beacon of hope, and the where the shadows hold untold stories; it is my wish that this omnibus of encroaching darkness and lurking horrors encourages a rich roleplaying experience.