Music, in my opinion, is a powerful expressive language that is capable of building bridges to each of us, regardless of our backgrounds, upbringings, or current circumstances. It has the ability to believe something truly beautiful, to make us cry, make us fearful, or even inspire us.
I really enjoy composing, mixing, mastering, and producing music for a wide variety of genres and projects with a particular passion for Celtic, Fantasy, Horror, and Contemporary Traditional (Classical, Irish). I find the utmost freedom to experiment and express my creative visions within these genres. As a self-taught musician, I play many instruments - from fiddle, piano, guitar, mandolin, and bodhrán to name a few - and I take much delight in composing for orchestra. I play Irish Traditional Music and have written Contemporary Irish Traditional Tunes to share with the global Celtic community. 
I am looking for exciting opportunities to collaborate with fellow musicians, composers, filmmakers, and creators who share a passion for musical storytelling. My goal is to contribute my unique voice to projects that challenge and inspire to tell a good story.

I am excited about the journey ahead, and eager to see where my love for music will take me, and those who travel alongside me.
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